No surprise, I am an office enthusiast – but that’s not happening at the moment is it?!

I’ve (reluctantly) accepted it and – of course – made alternative plans:

Committed to a desk. I know, I know, I am late to the party. It took me nine months to invest in a proper (second-hand) desk. I was in denial, which I disguised as optimism. But now, my desk is giving me major bestie vibes and I like it.

Routine aka robot mode. Apparently, pretending to be a robot is my best shot at keeping it together. So robot Flo makes her bed, showers and has tea with her news before 6:30 am. Judge all you want – I once earned my uni’s “Library Early Bird Award” for always being the first one to check-in, I’ve been a lost cause for time.

It’s lit. I’m here, day and night. I need to – literally – switch it up. I’ve splurged on some candles, a second-hand desk lamp that turns into a night light and …well, you already know about my salt lamp obsession.

Vitamin D. Since going on walks has sadly become a weekend indulgence, vitamin D is an essential remedy to prevent zombie Flo.

Treats. Yeah, snacks have grown in importance. I basically work to snack. It was either that or more wine (…oh who am I kidding, wine goes so well with snacks).

Move me. I’m still with Frame to combat expansion. The online subscription comes with guaranteed chuckles during classes, their team is brilliant!

If this ain’t flirting, I don’t know what is.

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