This is Not a Period Drama

Since moving to London, I’ve prefaced every conversation that could be deemed “inappropriate” with “I’m German”, then proceeded.

So for all of you uncomfortable with the following content, I’m German…here we go:

Three things:

  1. Ever heard of a menstrual cup?
  2. Period underwear is a game changer
  3. Track your cycle?

1. Menstrual Cup. Legit, THE thing I wish I’d known about from day one. It’s life-changing.

It works like a tampon, collects blood throughout the day and can be emptied in the toilet and inserted straight back in with no hassle. It lasts up to 12 hours with no risk of TSS AND it’s about the cleanest, most convenient way of having a period as a modern woman. TALK ABOUT GENIUS! I’ve tried a couple but am especially loving the Ruby Cup at the moment because it’s slick, black and easy to insert and remove.

Why I switched: clean & simple. That’s the main reason. And if I don’t have to put unnecessary toxins in my body, I won’t. Most conventional tampons aren’t even made from cotton and can leave synthetic residue and pesticides in your body …. and who the fuck wants that?!

And I’m sorry, but can we also talk about money?! A menstrual cup costs me 20 pounds once and lasts me 10 years. I’ll let you do the maths in comparison to monthly trips to the shop and the shameful stealing of office supplies …. (who me?!).

2. Period Underwear. This is a luxury, not required once you know how to use your menstrual cup but it is a nice-to-have and there is some sexy-ass period underwear available nowadays. Personal favourite: Thinx.

3. Cycle Syncing. This …. is my essential! Did you know you can fully understand your bodies’ functions and needs through tracking your morning temperature? Yes, yes …you can and on top of that, you can plan around the highs and lows of your cycle, identify when something is off and ON TOP OF THAT – it functions as a reliable birth control method (when applied diligently and consistently … don’t blame me for no babies if you don’t stick to the instructions). I use Natural Cycles, and currently use it to track but not as birth control, as I’m single and mingling, it’s a condom only situ.


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