Ask For Janice

I’ve mentioned Ask For Janice before and be assured, it won’t be the last time I mention this beautiful little gem of a place.

There are go-to’s and then there is Ask for Janice |50-52 Long Ln, London EC1A 9EJ

AFJ, might very well be a synonym for ALL THE GOSS.

It might be the extensive and well-curated gin list or the perfect ambience created by neon lights, but something about this place invites conversation to be remembered months and months later.

Whether from juicy salary discussions to the most recent dating updates, AFJ is a place where anything could become the topic of the evening.

Forget asking for Janice, ask for the gin list instead.

If you go, make sure you try the Monkey 47 gin, I have mine with sparkling water instead of tonic water as I hate sweet drinks and like the taste of gin … don’t judge.

x Flo


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