Sunscreen Revelation

“Well now you just look burnt” were my colleague’s first words on my first day back at the office after my holiday. Up until that point, I had never had a sunburn and never really worried about sunscreen either.

Fun fact: I hate conventional sunscreen and will refuse to apply onto other people even from the most charming of requesters.

It took over 3 weeks for my skin to go back to a semi decent colour and texture, so I figured I might give sunscreen a try now.

I found this Alba Botanica Sunscreen Spray at my local health food store and went for it as it was reef-friendly and biodegradable. The fact that this sunscreen is spray-on, it completely eliminates the need for the helping hand *queue Destiny’s Child “Independent Women”.

Favourite thing about this spray: It is clear and fragrance-free, leaves nothing but a glow.

As it is alcohol-based, it is super light, dries quickly and basically feels like your spraying champagne on your skin (heeeeey).

Now, I’m going to go for one of my daily dramatic walks, listening to melancholic music worrying about the future, climate change and that boy that was supposed to text me back. But you know what I’m not going to worry about? Burnt skin!

x Flo


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