Summer Reads

Office libraries are underrated.

Back on the books – here is what I am currently reading (never a synopsis, always an opinion).

The Afrominimalist’s Guide to Living with Less  | Christine Platt

A great reminder of why different perspectives matter. This book is a black woman’s experience through her journey to living with less and I am here for it. To me, it highlights the need to open the conversation to all communities and Christine’s delicate writing does it in a subtle and compassionate, yet powerful way.

Watching the English | Kate Fox

Absolutely hilarious observations about the English. I enjoy this as an audiobook on a weekend occasion, while I snack and chuckle along.

Life Will Be the Death Of Me | Chelsea Handler

It’s not a secret that I adore Chelsea Handler. The bluntness, the truths, the ballsiness – sign me up. She writes like she speaks. It’s either for you or it isn’t but it definitely IS for me!

How to Fix a Broken Heart | Guy Winch

It helped a bit – give it a try.


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