Skin Care

I get asked about this a lot. So I feel like this allows me to acknowledge that my skin is aaaiiight #fuckbeinghumble. But let’s get specific about this:

Most of the things I do aren’t related to products. If that’s what you came here for, you might as well leave now. But this is the stuff that really works – tried and tested baby.

Diet. But specifically what I don’t eat. This is the most essential. I avoid dairy products (no milk, no cheese, no yoghurt) on a daily. I save it for restaurant visits and special occasions. The more raw veg I eat, the better my skin gets – throw in a celery juice twice a week and you’ll be competing with the sun.

Olive oil. I don’t really use products on my face. I’ve tried many but always go back to olive oil. It nourishes my skin immediately and makes it as soft as it will ever be.

Face cloths. I don’t use soap on my face. I read once that it removes the natural oils from your face which made me go “nah, nah, nah I’m good.” This is the only thing I’m not sure about yet, I might go back to castile soap in the future – we’ll see.

Sleep. Yeah, I struggle with this one but read “Why we sleep“, it’ll scare the bejesus out of you, which helps. Fear is a great motivator.

Matcha Mask. I love this. Here is the recipe, nuff said.

Exercise. Dancing counts. It’s all about the sweat – detoxes your skin and uncloggs the pores.

No makeup. Mascara only. Mostly because I don’t know how to apply anything else and I am sceptical of the ingredients that I can’t pronounce. But let’s call it confidence, to make me sound a bit edgier, shall we?!


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