Seven Sisters Cliffs

This might go down as one of the best day trips I’ve been on. Lemme explain:

10:00 am – Sudden urge for adventure.

10:06 am – Looks up “fun out-of-town activities”.

10:12 am – Summons accomplice:

From then, the trip was a pure combination of “do what feels good” and “go with the flo(w)”.

Every new spontaneous thing we could think of magically worked out in the most perfect way:

  • Cab driver that music produced an all-time classic
  • The best breakfast – including pancakes, quick outfit change because …reasons(!)
  • The perfect cab ride to the cliffs, windows down blasting OUR music
  • Arriving, stunned by the views and running up the hill like excited mountain goats.
  • The perfect playlist (including the entire Destiny’s Child album “The writings On the Wall”)
  • Picnic ingredients to stay for the rest of the day

… oh and of course, there was champagne, the worlds most behaved dog, a Harry and a group of exchange students to witness our joy.

What’s the takeaway? For me, it’s planning for and embracing the unplanned good stuff.

To many more and very soon.

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