Quarantine Routine

I’m a creature of habit. My routines form naturally and without much intentional input on my end (it’s a curse and a blessing, let me tell you).

My usual work routine is quite structured and predictable so it comes as no surprise that my stay-at-home routine would be similarly structured.

  1. Make my bed. Not because it gives me a sense of accomplishment but a freshly made bed is the only thing that will prohibit me from laying down right after breakfast.
  2. 5 picture routine. I’ve been keeping track of my weeks through a weekly 5 picture routine. It helps me to distinguish the weeks and the days and gives me a daily sense of accomplishment – my version of a gratitude journal if you will.
  3. I get dressed every day. Passionate over-dresser right here! Wearing my fanciest dresses around the house, doing regular chores brings me immense joy and makes my flatmates laugh every single day. Definitely worth it.
  4. Matcha. Instead of coffee. There are only so many times I can run up and down the stairs in our apartment before my flatmates will ask me to leave the building.
  5. I read the news in the morning. That’s it, once a day.
  6. Two meals instead of 3. Because I am usually not even hungry for a third one and my wine consumption can basically be counted as an additional meal.
  7. Frame workout at 17:00 pm – I used to go to a Frame class twice a week and since they aren’t currently happening, I opted for their brilliant online gym class subscription which, at 10 Pounds/month, are a bargain compared to regular Frame classes. Barre and Pilates are my weapons of choice.
  8. I’ve enrolled in a course related to my job to keep me busy and my brain active.
  9. A walk a day. I use that time to call family and friends or listen to an audiobook.
  10. TikTok. Creating an account has brought me hours of laughter and entertainment. I prefer it over any Netflix show and it has definitely gotten me some brownie points with my younger sisters.
  11. All the wine. Never ever have I indulged in this much wine by my lonesome. Somehow, it always ends up with me dancing around my room until I am drenched. There’s a workout idea for you, Frame.

x Flo


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