Paris Woo’d Me

Obligatory Eiffel pic.

I wanted to hate Paris. Being the romantic cynic that I am, there was no way I’d be blindsided.

But here I am, a complete Paris convert, surrendering my impertinence. I blame it on the weather, the food and most importantly, the whole reason I came to Paris in the first place:

When I was 15, I went to live in Portland Oregon for a while where I met and stayed with Raina, an instant friend and sister for life. As the true 15 year old girls that we were, we promised each other that when we’re 30, we’d meet in Paris and “just have the best time”.

And 15 years later, we stuck to our promise and I booked my conveniently discounted Eurostar ticket (aka the Beyonce of travel) to Paris.

Leeeeet’s not get cheesy here but if you could describe magic in an experience, our 2 ½ days in Paris is what you’d refer to.

We’re talking bright sunshine and consistently sweet coincidences, flowing conversations and parrots in the park, matching toothbrushes, pancake breakfasts, scenic espresso breaks, garden sunsets and the dinner of all dreams. Our days were perfect. And I mean it when I say that.

If you’ve got a bit to spend, stay at the Hoxton. It’s chaaaarming and local. If you’re on a budget, book a bed in The People Hostel, a lovely and brilliantly located hostel that serves organic french wine on their rooftop terrace (22 Euros a night, whaaaat).


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