Okay Pumpkin – Soup

Looking at this recipe now makes me go back to the kitchen and get myself another serving.

With Halloween being over and everyone having more than enough pumpkins left over, it was about time I shared my favourite pumpkin soup recipe with you. I am absolutely in love with quick, one-pot meals and pumpkin soup is the perfect meal prep food that can’t only be used for a healthy meal during the week but also as a quick fix when you have starving surprise guests.

  1. Start with cutting up the onions and ginger and fry them in your pot for about a minute before adding the potatoes, apple, sweet potatoes and your pumpkin.
  2. Fry everything for about 5 minutes, then add 3 cups of water and the spices.
  3. Let cook for 20 minutes.
  4. Mix with a blender and add vinegar and salt as needed.
Store in Mason Jars for those days you “really just can’t”.

x Flo


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