My 6 Monthly Subscriptions

A caveat. I use my exes Netflix. And he’s ok with it. The sign of a good breakup.

Completely unrelated image because: would you really want to see pic of my subscription receipts? Didn’t think so!

Other than that, here are the things I willingly spend money on, on a monthly basis.

  1. Spotify. Because music is quite literally life.
  2. Audible. Since I can’t get me a man that will read to me every night, this is the next best thing. And audible won’t fall asleep on me after the second chapter. I see a future here.
  3. Natural Cycles. Favourite app for cycle tracking. A slightly less detailed but free (and prettier) option is Clue.
  4. The Nudge. If you live for London experiences, The Nudge is THE app. They update Monthly and you won’t get bored.
  5. iCloud. It’s painful but I have too many dancing videos that I just can’t delete.
  6. A personal indulgence because I love all things Hannah Bronfman.

So here you go, if you’re as nosey as me, you might have enjoyed this. And if not, ah well.


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