Lockdown #2

This time is easier. Maybe because it’s cold – no constant longing for being outside. Maybe because we’re used to it by now and there is a routine in place.

Social circle. Not gonna lie, if you were to observe me (creeepy), you’re likely to say the amount of time I spend on the phone to my friends is excessive. And you’d be right. No ifs, no buts. I have a solid friend group that I can check in on and that check in on me.

Kindle. This might be my favourite lockdown side-effect. Spending one’s weekend at home reading is considered having lush weekend plans and I am here for it.

Projector. This might just be one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. Not just because it came from my favourite person but because it has since transformed by bedroom into an oasis of cosiness and fun! Most of the time, I don’t watch movies but put on the fireplace installation on Netflix and sit on my bed. Ahhh the simple pleasures.

Salt Lamp. Best buy in a while. I am a big fan of ambience and lighting is essential. I am very big on candles (Neom candles are an absolute favourite) but the price point they sell at hurts. I usually make my own candles but f I bought my salt lamp to create a similar feel

Bathrobe. Yeah, I’m extra – we knew that. Moving on.

Speaker …and Spotify playlists. Because dancing is life, especially when you’re by yourself and a glass of wine into your evening. Just sayin’.

Tea. This Clipper tea is and has been my favourite tea for over a year now. Everyone I force to try it always responds in the same way: eyes widen, head tilts to the side and “hmmm” sounds escape their mouths. It’s THAT good!

Apps Ain’t no secret that the girl loves TikTok. I’m sorry but it’s just the best lockdown app. Periodt.


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