Boyfriend Material – Les Filles

You know when something just feels right? You feel safe, you feel confident that you are making a good choice for your future and you are at a point to say yes to commitment. Well, Les Filles is exactly that.

Les Filles | 95, 97 Heath St, Hampstead, London NW3 6SS

Les Filles is the “Boyfriend Material” of lunch places. Beautiful, available, healthy and organic.

Located in beautiful Hampstead, it is usually the place I end up after a long walk around Hampstead Heath with one of my favourite London gals.

Caveat: Cakes don’t usually come with flowers. Random handsomes gifting flowers is just a KB thing I’m afraid.

In true Hampstead fashion, the entire menu is gluten-free and mostly refined sugar-free. There is a range of alternative milk options and the cheesecake …. oh baby!

I think it’s getting serious.

If you go, check out the second hand shops in the area … I can spend hours annoying my friends with trying on every single thing without ever buying something.

x Flo


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