Laundry Detergent – DIY

Making your own homemade laundry detergent is almost as easy as putting on your clothes. Actually, if I count getting into my red jumpsuit and zipping it too, making laundry detergent might just be easier.

This recipe only requires natural ingredients, that you probably already have at home.

The fact that you can create your very own personal natural detergent scent is just an amazing little extra benefit.


  • 100g baking soda
  • 100g washing soda
  • 65 g grated curd soap ( just grate the bar of soap with a vegetable or cheese grater)
  • Your favourite essential oil ( I love lavender, sweet orange or peppermint)

Simply mix all ingredients together, done! It’s literally that easy!

This laundry detergent can be used with every washing machine.

Tip: Use a capful of vinegar in the rinse cycle to protect colours from fading.

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