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Kalo Kopenhagen was kind enough to send me a few pieces from their collection to try out their subscription-based clothing rental service and tell you guys all about it.

I was able to pick out 3 pieces of clothing, and in my selection process, I went for 3 pieces I usually wouldn’t go for if I was buying for my personal capsule wardrobe.

Here is what I went with

Kalo Kopenhagen describes the pieces including the full details on the material of the fabric, which made it easy to choose my favourite material.

Usually, I go for Mix n’ Match and make sure my outfits go with most of the things in my closet but since I knew I only had them for a month, I wanted to try out a few new styles and patterns.

I chose the pants because I have been curious about this particular cut for a while but didn’t want to invest in pants I wasn’t completely sure about.

Going for “edgy” or “trendy” clothes has never really been on top of my priority list, yet, with renting my clothes, I found myself wanting to try different styles and I found that adding a few rotating pieces made me more adventurous even with the clothes I already owned.

The dress I went for immediately caught my eye because of its pattern and  I wanted something light for summer that could double as a dress I could wear to weddings and christenings that were coming up.

It was the perfect piece to dress up and down and I truly wore it to every occasion.

 I picked the cardigan because I wanted to get some colour in my otherwise monocolored spring capsule wardrobe. I wanted to have something comfy around my house that could also double as a nice layer without having to bring an extra coat.

Why I like a subscription-based clothing rental service:

  • Style: I love the idea of owning your basic capsule wardrobe but renting a piece of clothing here and there for special occasions or in order to spice up your style.
  • Quality pieces: And designer pieces, if one should care for it, are more accessible without burning a hole in your pocket.

What I think could be improved:

  • Packaging: The clothes came in plastic packaging, which I think we could find a better solution for, like returnable cloth bags wrapped in paper or paper altogether.
  • Materials: All of the clothes I received were dry clean only, which means more exposure to toxic chemicals. Washing delicate clothing without going to dry cleaners can only be done by hand and I understand that that is probably not very economical for a subscription-based business but as someone who makes her own laundry detergent in order to avoid the chemical cocktail put in regular laundry detergent, I would love to see a more sustainable option.

x Flo


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