It’s Poppin’

I can not contain my excitement about this post! And why should I, when there are so many delicious popcorn snack options ready to be tried and loved by you.

Popcorn are my all-time favourite movie snack and we go waaaaaay back! When my mom was pregnant with my little sister, we made popcorn every single day for at least 3 months, so I have a lot of experience in that department. I also had a lot of time to work on different kinds of popcorn flavours that are not only creatively delicious but also have some health benefits to them.

How to make homemade popcorn


  • Popping corn
  • 1/2 Tsp. Coconut oil
  • Sea salt

1. First, you put about half a teaspoon of coconut oil into a pot.
2. Add the salt, then the popping corn and give the pot a little shake so everything will spread out evenly.
3. Put the lid on, leaving it slightly ajar so the steam can escape, which will make the popcorn the drier and crisper.
4. Once the popping starts, gently shake the pan by moving it back and forth to prevent the popcorn from burning on the bottom.

5. As soon as the popping slows significantly, remove the pot
from the heat and immediately dump the popcorn into your favorite popcorn bowl.

Favourite Popcorn Toppings

Truffle oil, sea salt, chilli flakes. Yes, you read it right! This fancy popcorn option not only tastes incredible but truffles are strong antioxidants, act as immunomodulators and are potent anti-bacterial.

Don’t overdo it with the truffle oil though, the taste is very strong.

Nutritional yeast, sea salt, sunflower seed oil . I always go crazy with the yeast- the more the better -and it’s ok since it is a plant-based source of complete protein and contains 9 essential amino acids that our body can’t produce. Additionally, it provides us with a significant dose fiber, as well as minerals like iron, selenium
and zinc.

Roasted rosemary, sea salt, olive oil 
Rosemary is said to be a cognitive stimulant and functions as a memory booster. It improves mood, strengthens the immune system, and is perfect for date night since rosemary is said to be a natural antibacterial agent and therefore a wonderful breath freshener ( hint, hint).The anti-aging properties of rosemary are quite well known and it also has anti-inflammatory qualities.

Caramelized honey popcorn, sea salt
For everyone who likes their popcorn to taste a little more like cotton candy and heaven, try making popcorn as described above, then take them out of the pan and add honey and (optionally) spices like cinnamon to the pan. Once the honey is melted, pour the popcorn back into the pan and stir until the majority of popcorn is covered in honey. Nomnom.

x Flo


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