In love with Notting Hill

I am a Shoreditch girl at heart. The greenery, scenery, and close proximity to everything suit me to a tee.

HOWEVER, I have a very soft spot for Notting Hill. I simply haven’t had a bad memory or food experience here. And really, that’s how I measure the quality of my life.

If you find yourself in this beautiful part of the city, here’s what I recommend:


  1. Gold. For drinks and dinner. My go-to drink is a Margarita without the triple sec (essentially just tequila and lime juice …and salt all around that rim, rim, rim, rim) and let me tell you, they serve the best margarita I’ve had so far.
  2. E&O. An absolute gem of a place, and maybe the best black cod you’ll try. I can’t take credit for this one but I will highly recommend.
  3. Jusu Brothers. For breakfast and lunch. Trust me on the Quinoa Vegan Sushi, it’s as healthy as it gets and de-licious!


  1. Honestly, if you don’t go into at least one second-hand shop, you’ve missed out. Good quality pieces and hardly worn is the ongoing theme here, and you can find some real gems for a fraction of the original price. We like a bargain!
  2. J/M Gallery. A gallery to visit. If you want to be inspired by new art that isn’t seen or talked about everywhere just yet, this is the gallery for you. I’m biased because I’ve stayed in one of Joanna and Marcus’ Airbnb’s before, but I absolutely love their approach to art and interior decorating!
  3. SoulCycle. Potentially one of the best classes I’ve done in the last 4 years. Book with Lauren Naomi and thank me later.
  4. Just walk. Walk around and pretend you live here. I shall be doing the same on a regular basis from now until forever.

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