I Quit Caffein

To be clear: this meant no coffee, matcha, black tea, green tea, matcha, energy drinks, chocolate.

As most breakups, this one was tough but worth it. Let’s get to the breakdown (quite literally):

Week One – Complete defeat. My energy levels were nowhere near normal without coffee. Consistent fatigue and inevitable naps: something my body dictated. And I let it.

Substituted the habit with Chicory Root Coffee. That baby is caffeine free, said to improve gut health and blood sugar levels and is high in prebiotic fiber inulin. Errrrrm, no-brainer.

Week Two – It iiiiis what it iiiiis. The weekend I went to Paris. Two days in complete bliss energy but had a shot of espresso after lunch to refuel for adventure. Ah well.

With set backs, intention is key and getting back up and continuing is valuable.

Week Four – Perspective. A friend made a point that stuck: Not substituting to gain energy makes you reevaluate things in your life by what does and doesn’t give you energy.

Things that cost me energy: Shopping for clothes, passive meetings, judgemental people, dishes in the sink, low iPhone battery (I am a millennial after all), lies.

Things that give me energy: Music, dancing, conversations with people I trust, singing, creating things, good hugs, writing, working out, moisturising.

My only two moods on caffeine withdrawal.

2 Months – Unlocking More. Removing the bandaid for fatigue and insomnia has revealed areas that don’t sustainably work for me.

I paid more attention to my diet again, tried sticking to a consistent routine to train my body to anticipate energy levels, cycle synched my workouts to gently acclimate and avoid overdraft. I took rest seriously and only spent time with people I genuinely wanted around me.

The Bottom Line

Awareness is educating and let’s note, beyond the health benefit of quitting caffeine, it was a lesson about listening to intrinsic needs that are vital to be understood and yet so easily ignored.

Felt healthy, might delete later.

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