Her Travel Routine

I’m not one to brag BUT … my travel game is pretty strong! It almost makes up for the anxiety I feel every time I get on a plane so I think it’s a fair trade. For last-minute packing, I’ve written a 10-minute packing guide over on mindbodygreen.com.

I like to travel in jumpsuits, only one item to worry about and you still look presentable.

There are a few essentials that I’ve accumulated over the years and loved. Idk, might interest you.

Essentials. I swear by my Rimowa suitcase. I got mine secondhand for 150 Euros. The suitcase quality is so fantastic that opting for secondhand is definitely the smartest and most cost-efficient way of getting your hands on one of these. Along with that, I bring my favourite bag from Been London, which I was gifted from the brand and have been OBSESSED with ever since.

Packing Cubes. Basically, the only reason I’m writing this post is to convince my friend Paul to switch to packing cubes … he doesn’t know what he’s missing and it’s stressing me out!

My packing cubes make everything look neat, tidy and organised. I know exactly what I’m bringing, don’t need to worry about storage space at the destination and … urgh it just looks good (yeah, yeah I get it I’m vain).

Bad quality but you get the point.

What to Pack. This might seem like the most obvious thing but trust me, most people don’t do this. I only pack what I wear and use.

This means bringing one pair of jeans instead of two, 2-3 shirts, 3 dresses, a jumper a jacket and lingerie. I will wear my pair of trainers for the flight and depending on the destination I’ll usually bring flats or boots.

That’s it. For now.

x Flo


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