Get Your Mufflon

Ok … let me introduce you to my favourite coat!

Since I was still sporting a fast fashion coat from 6 years ago for the last couple of Danish winters, I decided it was time for an upgrade. Not only did I not want to promote the FF brand any longer, but I also needed a sturdy jacket that would get me through Danish winters with a smile on my face.

While I visit my family in Berchtesgaden, I usually borrow my moms red Mufflon coat that I have been trying to steal it and take it back to Denmark with me for but always without success (mum has a special nose for when her clothes go missing). Naturally, when looking for a coat, I made sure to check out their assortment first and …I was lucky enough to find the perfect piece. 

The coat that I invested in was the slightly fitted ladies coat with a hoodie made of 100% naturally dyed new wool.

The soft wool finish of the coat makes sure that it is sturdy and since wool has natural odour absorbing properties, it requires for less washing throughout the season. It’s isolating effect makes sure that I am protected from the harsh Danish Winter Days and I have honestly been feeling cosy and happy ever since I bought this coat.

The coat also sports a 2-way zipper and 2 zipper pockets, which was an essential for me as I always carry my keys, headphones and pepper spray in my pocket at all times.

x Flo


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