Capsule Wardrobe

I believe in personal style over fashion and statement over trends. My wardrobe consists of favourites only, no Sunday bests – I am a notorious over-dresser anyway.

Simplicity. I hate stuff. Quality and purpose are not just for emails and it extends to my wardrobe approach. If I don’t love it, it shouldn’t be in there and if I don’t wear it, it goes – it’s simple, really.

Preloved. The majority of my wardrobe is second-hand. I do own a few sustainable investment pieces by brands I love and support …oh and my company swag … I have a weakness for company swag …let’s call this obsession “loyalty” shall we?!

Monochromatic. This is a personal preference. Most of my pieces are one colour only – I am not a big fan of patterns. I love bright and vibrant and if you know me, the most prominent colour in my wardrobe is rusty orange.

Husband material. Material is key. It determines fit and longevity of the garment, as well as its afterlife, once it’s had its turn in my closet. I make sure the material is natural and try to avoid the use of plastics like polyester or polyamide. My favourite materials are linen, wool, silk, viscose, and cotton.

Tailor that shit. Since I pick and choose clothing to last me for decades, maintenance and alterations matter. Most tailoring costs me no more than 10 pounds and will extend the life of my favourite items for years!

They don’t care. Having a small wardrobe means repeating outfits often. But guess what: No one cares what you wear! Sorry. If anybody notices my outfits at all, it’s usually recognised as a “classic Flo”….scroll up to my point about personal style again. BOOM!


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