App Obsession

Trello. I love a list. I do love a list. And Trello, well, Trello is the Beyoncé of list facilitators. I use it for work, home, friends and travel and it’s definitely an every day essential.

Sleep cycle. I’ve been making efforts to sleep more and better ever since I’ve read “Why We Sleep“. Tracking my sleep motivates me to find new ways of optimising my sleep – seeing the percentage of my sleep quality go up on a daily – almost feels like Christmas.

Headspace. My little daily reminder to stop panicking, breathe, then go again.

My W Day. This is my attempt to pause and appreciate. Gratitude journals overwhelm me but jotting down 3 things I appreciated that day – doable and so rewarding.

TikTok. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I love TikTok. Does that make me a 13-year-old girl? Maybe. Will that make me stop uploading TikToks? Never!


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