Winter Reading List

As always: no synopsis, just opinion.

Eight Pieces of Silva | Patrice Lawrence

As my options for exploring my favourite London were limited last year, I made it a point to indulge in books set in London. This particular one was enjoyed as an audiobook as I absolutely adore Shvorne Marks as a narrator.

Ghost | Dolly Alderton

I love an observant writer, especially one that is able to find the humour in their observation and encourages the reader to view their own experiences from a new perspective. A quick, enjoyable Sunday read.

All About Love | Bell Hooks

I avoid all books with “love” in the title. Let’s not analyse this but I don’t like in-depth explorations of romantic love in books.

This one, however, gives an interesting perspective on societal structures and models surrounding love. The chapter about the love we teach our children, so. good!

Salt | Nayyirah Waheed

This is an absolute gem, a dessert book, a statement piece. I am consumed by the idea of brevity. The simpler, the shorter and the more pertinent, the happier I get. From the cover design to the poem structure to the clarity in sentence structure, I am obsessed.

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