Told you I was obsessed with Fall. What I am also obsessed with is watching YouTube

Lunzers Maß- Greißlerei //Heinestraße 35, 1020 Vienna // Mon-Fri 09.00 am-19.00 pm - Sa 09:00-17:00 // website My

Original Unverpackt // Wiener Straße 16, 10999 Berlin // Mon-Sat 09.30 am-19.30 pm // website     On my trip

I have started working out quite a while ago, but when I moved to Denmark, I

I am a student who doesn't necessarily want to spend much time on the thought of

One might think that when living a Zero Waste lifestyle you are limited to only boring

Today I went Zero Waste food shopping, paid € 44,78 for all organic products and got