Spring Bookshelf

To Kindle or not to Kindle, that is the question.

Disclaimer: I hate nothing more than describing the plot of books I like, so I won’t. I’ll never do them justice. But this is what I’ve read and loved in April and a little bit of why for each of them:

The Fountainhead | Ayn Rand

I saw this as a play, years back. It has stuck with me like nothing ever has since and so it was no surprise that the book would do the same for me. I’ve never related more to characters than the ones in this book and it is the only book I’ve ever given my 5-star rating to. Make of that what you will.

Queenie | Candice Carty-Williams

This book made me chuckle and swoon. It’s the kind of book I’ll have a glass of wine and two bowls of popcorn with – preteeeentious but true. It is light, funny, immersive and deliciously relatable.

Open Up | Alex Holder

One of the biggest cultural differences I’ve experienced since moving to the UK are the taboo topics that no one seems to talk about like sexual health, race and money. The latter is brilliantly addressed in this book written by Alex Holder. I not only enjoyed her transparent approach to discussing salary and money, but it also taught me about the way Brits address salary conversations – very helpful context.

The Water Dancer | Ta-Nehisi Coates

I read this book in 3 days. Partly because of its magnificent, compassionate writing and partly because it felt like a constant heartbreak and I just wanted it to be over. The fact that I love books that do that to me might speak to my slightly masochistic nature but you know what, there are worse traits … some say.

x Flo

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