Shower Routine And All

“Oh my god Flo, is this seriously about your shower routine?” Yes, yes it is! Now let’s get this show on the road.

I am a shower person. I looooooove showers. Love. So much so that my 25th birthday plans were a visit to my favourite restaurant, followed by an evening in the shower with pillows and blankets watching movies and drinking prosecco (I didn’t live in London back then so don’t even).


  1. Dr. Bronner Soap*. For hair and face. I use one product for it all and it works for me. I never use soap on my face – don’t want to get rid of the natural oils that keep my skin soft.
  2. Exfoliating Body Brush. Doesn’t feel the same without it.
  3. Afro Hair Pick. If you have curly hair and you don’t own one, get it and thank me later.
  4. Safety Razor*. I switched to this one about 4 years ago to reduce my plastic consumption and I’ve been loving the results. Such a smooth shave, very easy maintenance and definitely a money saver (how are razors so expensive btw?!)
This is not my shower.

Post Shower

  1. Towel* – Guess this is self-explanatory.
  2. Organic Olive Oil – I use this especially on my face and hair. I’ve tried other oils but nothing works quite as well as olive oil.
  3. Shea Butter – I apply this after the oil and will generally just use on my body, not my face.
  4. Deodorant – I use baking soda. It’s the best, it really is. The linked one comes closest in efficiency and if I had to buy one, this would be it.

x Flo

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