Let’s Avo Breakfast

There is a select group of people that I trust with food recommendations. When I first came to London, I met a fellow German who sent me a list of the very best coffee and restaurant spots London had to offer. I have tried them all and every single one has made my list of “standard go-to” based on the area I’m in.

I know, I know. What a cliche. New Londoner, living in east London recommending avo toast. But you know what, I like good food and this is exactly what the girl craves sometimes.

If not for their magnificent cakes and pastries, I highly recommend paying Violet Cakes a visit for their lunch menu and coffee. It’s a perfect pit stop location for a nice long walk through Hackney.

Hands down, best avocado toast you’ll get.

I’m not gonna lie, the price is a bit much. But it’s a nice treat.

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