Disclosure policy

What are affiliate links and what are they good for? 

If you purchase any items through affiliate links,  it gives me a
small commission.

I write small because it’s really not a lot but it helps me to keep my website nice and updated and gives me the opportunity to create better content by being able to purchase some things that – as a student- I wouldn’t be able to purchase otherwise.

Why do I use affiliate links?

I like using affiliate links for products and companies I would have written about anyway. Affiliated links are not so much about the reader, since it is still your free choice whether you want to purchase something or not, but more about providing equal and fair opportunities for sustainable bloggers and companies.


I only use affiliate links for companies I truly support, own product from and recommend.

I will never recommend or advertise anything that I don’t believe in and that doesn’t align with my values and morals.

For me, honesty and transparency is key and I will always try my best to embody that within this little creative space of mine.

How will I know what which links on your blog are affiliate links? 

Every link that is highlighted can contain an affiliate link and I get paid per click. Should that offend you in any way I would urge you not to click the item and just search for the term via a search engine.

Feel free to ask me anything about my disclosure policy, I am happy to answer your questions.