Going into the new year, I’m taking the lessons learnt with me. Boundaries in work and life is the keyword and I conclude:

The outcome is usually the same. Often, I delay creating boundaries out of fear of loss or disappointment. Spoiler alert: not sticking to my boundaries will usually have the same effect. So Imma hold onto what I can control – my own actions.

My feelings are my responsibility. It is up to me to take the risk, the fall and the consequences. And along with that …

What I feel only matters to me. It’s the actions that make the difference. I try to go by that and ignore the words.

This clip from “The Last Kiss“. TO.THE.POINT.

Do what feels right. Figuring out what the boundary is is sometimes just as hard as implementing it. Initial gut feelings are key. Even though I love to ignore them, when I don’t, I usually make the right decision. Usually.

BTW, these were learned in life, not in love. I vehemently ignore my own advice when it comes to dating.


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