Hey there!
I am Florine and I am very happy you’re visiting my blog!

In a nutshell, I am a passionate German Zero Waste lifestyle blogger, student,
foodie and creativity enthusiast with an environmentally friendly agenda.

In a larger context, this blog is my creative space, my hobby and my
journal, where I keep track of the progress I have made living a Zero
Waste lifestyle, the obstacles I’ve had to overcome and the joys this lifestyle has brought me.


What you will find on this blog:

The main focus of this blog are areas like food, fashion, travel, DIY, fitness and other random things I love. However, I put a little twist to it by challenging myself to do all of the things Zero Waste and in a sustainable way.

Just to clarify:

What do you mean when you say Zero Waste?

To answer this question it is important to understand what I mean when I say “waste”.
Waste to me is basically everything that goes to the landfill aka that you throw in the trash can.
I am doing my best to avoid producing waste that has to go to landfill because it can’t be recycled.
I do however compost and recycle- even though I try to reduce the recycling to a minimum.

Why Zero Waste?

For some, this answer might be not enough but to me, living a Zero Waste lifestyle just makes sense.
It makes sense to live a life that is not dependent on consumerism and focuses on quality over quantity and on ethics over profit. It makes sense to reduce the amount of trash I produce since it has such a negative impact on the earth and I don’t want to be part of feeding into that ( quite literally).
Saving money and putting it towards meaningful experiences makes sense without an explanation and I love the simple way living a Zero Waste lifestyle gives me not only the gift of finally being organised but a sense of purpose that goes beyond “just” existing.

However, I would never tell anyone how they should live their lives, I am only
trying to bring awareness and an alternative to the people who are
looking for a new way to live a more sustainable life.

With this blog, I want to show that living a Zero Waste lifestyle doesn’t have to be expensive, isolating or life-consuming. To the contrary! It can be fun, glamorous and incredibly satisfying.

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