Working out with Asquith

Let’s continue the journey through my closet. Today I am introducing you to Asquith my favourite brand for activewear.

The Story

Throughout this year I did a monthly challenge each month. Every month I would pick a new goal to achieve in order to implement new habits. One of those challenges was a tv-free month, another one was a vegan month and in August, my challenge was a workout challenge. Since my schedule requires me to walk out the door at 7:30 and come home at 7, visiting the gym was not a realistic option. I might want to work out but come on, the 20 min drive to the gym would definitely be overdoing it 🙂 So I subscribed to the Tracy Anderson Method, an online streaming service that would allow me to work out early in the morning and late in the evening. Over the last 5 months, I have come to love my daily workout routine and am proud to say that I was able to create a habit of daily movement and exercise.

A crucial part with starting to workout and sweat regularly was finding the proper workout gear. I had learned about the damaging effects of synthetic fibres earlier this year, so investing in polyester workout clothing – even if made from recycled plastic- was not an option for me. Let me tell you, finding a sustainable, ethical brand that uses natural, breathable materials is not easy. If you also want the clothes to support your workout practice, work well on the mat and make you look and feel fantastic while breaking a sweat, only one brand comes to mind:


Asquith is a that focuses on producing sustainable and ethical activewear for women of all shapes and sizes( plus-size yoga leggings and maternity wear included).


Wearing bamboo yoga leggings by Asquith

The Asquith collections are produced in a family-run factory in southern Turkey. The factory has GOTS organic certification and all employees have 9-5 working hours and paid holidays. 

Athleisure at its Best

“I also wanted the designs to work as well on the mat as they do off, so women could feel good wearing them wherever they went” Alice Asquith.

I took those words to heart and literally wear my Asquith activewear everywhere. Especially when I am travelling, I might not bring my toothbrush, but I am sure to bring my black drawstring pants 🙂

All of the Asquith pieces are easily dressed up with pieces from my wardrobe, which assures that I am at my maximum level of comfort throughout the day.

How I Wear and Care

I wear my bamboo yoga leggings (Move it Leggings) and matching balance bra daily for my workout but also to the market and whenever I want to to be cosy.

– Plus size yoga clothes

During these cold winter days,  I usually leave the house in black jeans a shirt and my blissful wrap to stay cosy throughout the day.

I wash my workout clothing at 30ºC about once a week as they don’t smell as quickly as synthetic workout wear would and I alternate between two different leggings for my daily workout.

Wearing bamboo yoga pants by Asquith

A Favorite Because

It is safe to say that I can be seen in something Asquith at least once a day.

I said it once, I’ll say it again. In my opinion, there is no activewear company quite like Asquith. The materials are natural and super soft. The fit is perfect, even for curvy women and the colours don’t wash out or fade. As far as I am concerned, I am done looking for activewear brands. Asquith is literally everything I was looking for.

Asquith London Activewear

Sustainable Because

Asquith does not use animal products and never tests anything on animals.

They are committed to recycling as much as they can and also ship their activewear in recyclable packaging.

On the website, Asquith states: “Once you experience Asquith there is no going back to chemical-laden synthetic activewear.” I can only second that.

I am excited to share my slow fashion journey on this blog and would love to hear more about your personal and favourite pieces in your closet. Connect with me via social media or simply leave a comment.

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