Le Pirol – Sustainable Luxury

As promised on my Instagram, I will introduce all of my wardrobe pieces over the next couple of months.

Each of them has a story and is either pre-loved or from a sustainable fashion brand and I am excited to introduce you my first and top 3 favourites this month.

Black Fiord Seed Dress

I was gifted this dress by my friend Morten Underbjerg, founder of Le Pirol, just before my Birthday in October. As soon as I unpacked my dress I knew I was going to love it for a long time. Simple in colour, yet luxurious in pattern and fabric, it has become one of my most important wardrobe staples. It keeps me warm during the cold winter months and can be dressed up and down for every occasion.

Smiling in Le Pirol

All photos by the amazing Shereen Zangana.

The Story

During July, I was fortunate to be part of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, a conference that discusses sustainability within the fashion world. Amongst other volunteers, I met Morten Underbjerg whos designs have been worn by celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep and Rihanna. Having worked as a freelance designer for international fashion houses like Valentino, Morten got to experience how harmful fashion can be for the environment.

We bonded over our shared enthusiasm for sustainability, German city life and our go-getter mentality. We kept in touch via social media and – fast forward a couple of months – Morten told me about his new label Le Pirol, a sustainable luxury fashion brand based in Odense, Denmark.

Le Pirol

Le Pirol is a slow fashion brand that specialises in beautifully designed, quality knitwear.

Their pieces are exclusively sold online, directly to the consumer which cuts out the retailer as the middleman and avoids extra costs on the buyer’s end.

The garments are designed and produced in Denmark and the brand prides itself in having no seasons: “We introduce new styles when they are ready”.

The current pieces are all made of 100% organic Merino Wool, manufactured under GOTS standards and ethically sources yarns.

Le Pirol

Fiord Seed Dress by Le Pirol

The Perfect Fit

Morten Underbjerg comes from the world of Haute Couture. In his previous work, which has been featured in British and Italian Vogue, he specialised in the art of feminine cut and understands to create pieces fit for the modern woman.

I am curvy, short and quite far from the model standard. To come across pieces that accommodate my shape and hug my curves is rare. With Le Pirol, Morten has managed to create knitwear that provides comfort without compromising on fit. I often take my clothes to the tailor to either shorten the length or make them fit for my body type. With my Fiord Seed Dress that wasn’t necessary, I put it on and it fit like it was made for me.

Le Pirol- fits perfectly

How I Wear and Care

I wear my Fiord Seed Dress everywhere. Trips to the museum, date nights with my fiance, presentations at uni, you name it.  I often pair it with my People Tree Karyn Drape Jacket, Anukoo leggings and depending on the occasion either a pointed toe heel or ankle boots.

Post wear, I make sure I let the dress rest for at least 24 hours in order to allow the wool fibre to recover. After a party, I let it air out and steam it before the next wear.

A Favorite Because

I believe in taking responsibility for our purchases and knowing where our things come from. Having met Morten and hearing him speak so passionately about making a difference in the luxury fashion segment, I am hopeful that others will follow his example. Le Pirol proves that sustainable fashion can be done and it can be luxurious and chic without compromising the health of our planet. 

Sustainable Because

On Le Pirol’s Website Morten says about his brand: “For every piece in every collection, I am always asking what we have done to make this garment more sustainable and what else can we do in the future. It is a constant effort to improve.”

Le Pirol has a zero waste vision of using all their bi-products and aims for a circular economy and for that, I love them!

If you are still looking for a beautiful and luxurious Christmas gift, I can highly recommend paying the Le Pirol webshop a visit.

I am excited to share my slow fashion journey on this blog and would love to hear more about your personal and favourite pieces in your closet. Connect with me via social media or simply leave a comment.

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