Pela Case – The Best Biodegradable Phone Case on the Market

This post is kindly sponsored by Pela Case. The products pictured in the post were sent to me by Pela Case as PR samples. All the opinions in this post are my own, read more about my disclosure policy here

Plastic-Free Phone Case

When I bought my “new” phone about a year ago, I looked into all the different options of plastic-free phone cases. I specifically searched for companies that sold plastic-free products and had eco-friendly values.

Needless to say, those companies, especially within the tech world, are hard to come by.

For this reason, I am really excited to introduce you to Pela Case, a company that has made it their mission to represent positive environmental change with a Zero Waste approach. With their product, they offer not only a plastic-free but a biodegradable solution to conventional plastic phone cases.

Pela Case

When I first came across Pela Case, the company almost sounded too good to be true. Pela Case, pronounced peel-a case, prides itself in taking on the challenge of reducing the amount of plastic waste created by consumer products. Their products are also known and loved for their durability and minimalistic design with functionality and practicality being one of their biggest assets.

The Material

Pela Case phone cases are made in Canada, from a starch-based biopolymer, as well as flax straw “waste”. The cases are, therefore, 100% compostable which makes them a Zero Waste product.

A pet peeve of mine is the stinging plastic case smells you usually get when unpacking a new plastic product. When I first unpacked my cases, I was particularly fond of the pleasant, almost delicious smell they had. Pela Case also ships all of their products in recyclable and plastic-free packaging.

The Design 

I absolutely love the minimalist design of the Pela Cases. Since I like for all my essentials to match, I always opt for the black option of the product. I love that my case fits right into my everyday essentials but still stands out with the flex shive, which personally, I absolutely love the look of.

The biggest plus of this case is definitely the fit. It hugs my apple phone like an apple peel, which, by the way, is how the name Pela Case came about. The edges of the case not only protect the corners of my phone but also my screen. There are precision cuts around speakers, camera, charger and power button.

In my opinion, Pela Case is the definition of a company that has managed excellent design with an eco-friendly approach and gives the term plant-based a whole new meaning!

A Zero Waste Company

Pela Case’s approach to an eco-friendly business is “why not?”. On their website, founder Jeremy Lang writes: “If we can make products at a higher standard to keep our family and planet safe, shouldn’t we?”. I support a company that operates with a glass-half-full attitude and applaud Pela Case for the important impact they have on the sustainable tech-market.

I cannot wait to see this company grow further and achieve. True Zero Waste businesses are rare. I rejoice in the fact that more and more understand the potential and importance of an eco-friendly business model. Thank you Pela Case!

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