Wireless Charging with Nimble – Tech for Good

This week seems to be all about sustainable tech products. Since my study field is within tech, writing these blog posts always particularly excite me.

I depend on my phone for a significant amount of time during the day. I answer emails on the go, organise lists and check slack messages.

Therefore, having a proper phone charger is essential. Up until I heard about Nimble, I never even thought about more eco-friendly options when it came to charging systems.

I recently upgraded to a (second-hand) iPhone 8 and since this phone has wireless charging, I had the chance to explore this function with the Nimble Wireless Stand.


The Nimble Wireless Stand is made from plant-based bioplastic, organic hemp and recycled plastic water bottles.

I am very sensitive to the smell of products, especially ones that include plastic but was pleasantly surprised by the neutral smell of the Nimble charger. The design reminds me of the Scandinavian simplicity I have gotten so accustomed to since living in Denmark. I like that this charger is subtle and provides a fast and simple way to charge my phone.

Optimized Fast-Charging

For full disclosure, I am not usually a fan of wireless charging and was apprehensive when Nimble suggested this product. What I really liked, however, was the speed at which my phone got charged.

There are two kinds of people in this world. The ones that charge their phone overnight and the ones that don’t.  I am the latter. I wake up every morning with about 10 % battery left on my phone, trying to charge it at least half way before I run out the door.

Since I have had the Nimble Wireless Stand, which charges my iPhone at 7.5W, I was able to leave my apartment with a fully charged phone and I’ve got to say, there is something immensely gratifying about that 😉

At 10W, Android users even have a slight advantage to iPhone users when it comes to Nimble products.

Charge Multiple Devices

Little tiffs in our household happen regularly over the topic of who gets to plug in their device in the “convenient socket”. Since the Wireless Stand allows for the charging of multiple devices, we can now go back to just arguing over who gets to sit in the yellow chair.Thanks, Nimble!

A Perfect Match

I recently got the Pela Case for my iPhone and I am happy to report that the wireless charging station works perfectly with this protective case.


Nimble ships their products in a biodegradable clamshell cardboard box. Therefore, the packaging is plastic-free and compostable.

Nimble is a great example of a company that takes responsibility for the durability of the product, as well as its afterlife. Every package sent out includes a plastic bag that can be used to send your old electronic waste to Nimble, who will recycle them for you.

In 2017 The Guardian wrote that this years amount of e-waste generated globally is projected to hit 50m tonnes with 3 million tonnes for just small gadgets like chargers etc. I am, therefore, determined to purchase wisely. I invest in durable tech products and do my part in reducing this number for the years to come. Companies like Nimble see the gap in the market and are determined to provide tech solutions that also serve the health of the planet. And for that, I am grateful.

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