Sustainable Birthday Gifts

I love a good gift idea. Nothing beats a thoughtful, personal gift. I recently turned 26 and received a few birthday gifts from friends and family.I got the most thoughtful gifts so I simply had to share. Maybe they will serve as inspiration for the upcoming Christmas time.

Birthday Wishes

Nothing trumps a thoughtful birthday letter but, phone messages are definitely next on my favourites list.

Be it a video message, a voice messages or a lovely text, I love knowing that someone has kept my birthday in mind and taken the time out of their day to say hi.

Personally, a message is enough for me. I am not materialistic when it comes to birthdays, I prefer experiences, phone calls and hugs.

Personal gifts

The gifts I did receive this year were spot on and incredibly thoughtful.

  • A jar of real Canadian maple sirup.
  • A jar of nutritional yeast. Everyone who knows, me knows that that is an absolute essential in my household….because popcorn!
  • A shot of the most divine rhubarb gin, topped up with sparkling tonic, served in my favourite glass.
  • A hand-carved olive wood chess board. I have been wanting to learn how to play chess properly for a while now. Needless to say, this is the perfect opportunity to start.


  • High tea

I have always wanted an afternoon of high tea, sandwiches and cake included.

My birthday presented the perfect opportunity to do just that. I invited a dear friend, dressed up the table and bought my favourite homemade white chocolate cake from Ganefryd.

We enjoyed our tea, a glass of rhubarb gin and chatted away the afternoon. A priceless, yet affordable experience I will treasure forever.

  • Still og Rolig

This year, my birthday was all about relaxation and rejuvenation. No party, no stress, no big plans.

My fiancé had originally planned to treat me to a day at the beach with a stay at an ocean view hotel. We changed our minds mid-unpacking and decided we preferred low-key and cuddles in our own four walls.

We enjoyed our slow morning and got a couple of sandwiches from my favourite lunch spot in Aarhus,Cafe Glad. After a long walk along the beach, we went home to play a game of chess and hit the hay early.

My point in writing all of this down is that it doesn’t always need to be extravagant. As I am getting older I am realising how comfortable I feel in my own space. I don’t force myself to do things just because I am “supposed to” and I am happier and healthier for it.


  • Little Plastic Footprint
    November 7, 2018

    I just wanted to say that the hand carved chess board is absolutely beautiful! I’ve never seen one quite like that before, it’s lovely! For our kids we’ve been trying to plan ahead and seek out second hand gifts that she actually wants (bike, etc) rather than buy a new one. Once she’s done we’ll sell or give away to someone else and the cycle continues. Thanks for the share.

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