Berlin Bound – What I Bring on a 4-Day Trip

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Fun fact, I used to live in Berlin many moons ago. This week, I will be returning for a trip for work and I cannot wait. As you are reading this, I will be sitting on a train, excited and probably a little anxious – I haven’t been able to shake travel anxiety just yet.

My mom has decided to meet me in Berlin for 3 days and I cannot wait to reunite and explore the city with her. On our bucket list are plant-based cafes and restaurants, the original Unverpackt store and ethical fashion stores (feel free to post your recommendations in the comments below). What I am most excited about are our tickets to German theatre! It’s what I appreciated most when living in Berlin and what I have missed most since moving to Denmark.

Berlin Travel Wardrobe

Since I will also attend a fair in Berlin, my wardrobe will be quite neutral and easy to dress up and down. I never travel with more than a carry-on and since I recently upgraded to a grünBAG Alden Backpack, I feel like I have all the space in the world to bring my essentials.

If you are even half as nosey as I am, you will want all the details of what exactly I bring, so here ya go:


A great pair of black travel jeans is definitely my go-to! I love that they fit for every occasion and go with everything in my wardrobe. Along with that, I will bring 3 t-shirts, 2 long sleeve shirts, one sweater and a dress for the theatre. My Baabuk are the only shoes I need when traveling. They are comfortable, look great and are easy to slip on. For the theatre I’ll skip the heels this time and bring my favourite pair of handmade Josefinas  ballerinas.

Beauty Essentials

For my toiletries, I keep it simple with a bamboo toothbrush, baking soda, Weleda toothpaste, shea butter an Isaangs shampoo bar and a spray bottle with distilled vinegar as disinfectant.

I am not much of a beauty person but I always bring mascara and a lip liner, you never know.

The Alden Backpack

All of that goes into a carry-on and my trusted travel companion, the Alden Backpack, practically stored and easily found.

My train ride is about 7 hours, with a short stop in Hamburg. Because the backpack only weighs 0.89 kilos  I won’t have to worry about it ruining my back along the way.

With a look at the weather forecast I know I have to prepare for rain while in Berlin. Not a problem, my water proof Alden Backpack will keep my belongings dry and protected.

I will be back with many more stories to tell. Until then, follow my journey on Instagram and if you have any tips on great spots in Berlin, send them my way. À bientôt!

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