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We have talked about toilet paper and periods, so I think we can graduate to talking about sex and vaginal health openly.

This post is specifically focused on women but fellas, feel free to read along and earn some brownie points with your SO.


I am by no means an expert and would never tell you what’s right or wrong for you and your body. Sexual health care is very individual and personal and I encourage everyone to explore what works for them. I am sharing my experience because I see value sharing useful information no matter what the subject is and I think we should never fear to speak our mind when it comes to our sexual health. I am happy to share what I learned and use.

Menstrual cycle

I have an entire post dedicated to periods, menstrual cups and reusable pads.

I switched to a lunette menstrual cup about 2 years ago, which changed my life, my cycle and my periods.

I used to have my period for an entire week and very irregularly. Now, they are still not predictable to the day but at least predictable to the month, less painful and only last 4-5 days max.

For the night or relaxed days at home, I love reusable pads. There are many great sustainable brands out there but my favorites are the organic range from the precious stars pads website.

To help with period cramping I take pure magnesium, which I dissolve in a glass of water or add to my green juice.

I love tea and for my period, I usually drink a mix of fresh ginger, turmeric, lemon and raw honey that I make in my french press and add hot water to. It is also a great drink to enjoy cold or even iced.

Pelvic floor health

About a few months ago, I picked up something really heavy and severely hurt my back. I also noticed my vagina changing and I didn’t know why. My gynecologist told me that when carrying really heavy things without your pelvic floor muscles being properly engaged, it can cause pelvic strain and -worst case scenario- damage. It took 2 whole months for everything to heal and go back to normal and I tried to help speed up the process by strengthening my core and lower extremities with pilates and different exercises my physiotherapist and my chiropractor gave me. I can not stress the importance of pelvic floor exercises enough.

There are so many great pilates classes online, or you can look up exercises on Youtube you can do at home, it will save so much money and frustration in the long run.

Train pelvic muscles

Training the pelvic floor muscles is not only important for preventative measures and to tone your core. Studies have suggested that pelvic floor muscle strength may be related to increased sensation and sexual satisfaction.

In the beginning, doing Kegels felt really uncomfortable as I didn’t know if I was doing it right and whether it was working. I discovered yoni eggs, which are really helpful to figure out which muscles need to be activated and they are very helpful when it comes to tightening the area. I will say nothing more but that I loved the result.


We can’t talk about sexual health – or health in general- without giving diet and nutrition an extra shoutout.

When I switched my diet to a plant-based diet with lots of raw food, nuts, seeds and lentils, I could literally see my body change.

My skin cleared up, got smoother and lost its blotchiness, I lost a weight and my period and discharge normalized.

Another thing that really helped my body cycle stabilize was eating regularly. “Well duh” you might say, but as a student with a different schedule every day, I thought as long as I ate healthy I was doing ok.

Hormones? No thank you!

To each his own and I think every woman should make a decision that feels right for her and her body. However, hormones completely disrupted my cycle and caused uncontrollable weight gain, that my body wasn’t prepared for in a speed that was not natural. It took a year for my cycle to go back to normal, I had really bad mood swings, and severe period pain along the way that only got better once my cycle has stabilized.

The fact that I am taking something that essentially makes me infertile for a period of time scares me.

Treat and prevent fungi and yeast infections

My secret weapons to prevent and treat yeast infections etc. are effective microorganisms. I always keep a bottle next to my nightstand and spray it before I go to bed.

You can also treat yeast infections with apple cider vinegar but make sure to mix it with water first as the acid will sting really badly if you don’t.

Garlic is another remedy that has antifungal properties and can be used alongside the vinegar or effective microorganism treatment. I suggest mixing the garlic with coconut oil as the garlich itself may sting a little.




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