Birthday Reflections

Welcome to my 26.

I have had a blissful and most relaxing birthday, full of laughter, white chocolate cake, and an abundance of tea.

Over the past few years, I have started coming into my own. I accept less and choose more, I set boundaries and stick to them and I prioritise where I need to.

Still, this is a journey. Some days go better than others and some days are catastrophic. I am learning to accept imperfection and lean into the unknown. Anxiety still plays a big role in my day-to-day but I am more aware that baby steps are progress too.

Birthday Reflections and High Tea

I am grateful for the path I have chosen, the work I have put into projects, school and my relationships, and the wonderful group of people I am able to call my friends today.

I also want to express the biggest thank you and gratitude to you, dear reader. The daily conversations, your input and advice, the support you offer and the way you keep me accountable is priceless and I appreciate you.

Birthday Reflections and Cake

Cheers to the next chapter, may we start it healthy, happy and full of adventure!

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