Mahla Clothing – aka My Favourite Streetwear

The Hehku, my absolute favourite dress ever from Mahla Clothing, made in Denmark! The pattern was handprinted with golden eco-friendly ink and the material is 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton.

One of my favourite things to do is visit the factories and ateliers of the eco-friendly clothing companies I work with, see how they operate and how their practice aligns with their philosophy.

The last time I went to Copenhagen, I had the chance to meet Tytti, a Finnish fashion designer and founder of the eco-friendly clothing company Mahla Clothing. We had a chat over vegan lunch and the best vegan pastries I have ever tried.  The company, based in Copenhagen Denmark, was founded out of Tytties wish to make a difference in the very unsustainable fashion world, using discontinued fabrics from bigger fashion houses, paying attention to the fabrics’ afterlife and reusability/ recyclability. Mahla Clothing works with materials that are either certified organic, pre- or post-consumer waste.

The Mahla Clothing Studio, aka where the magic happens!

In my eyes, Mahla Clothing is the definition of a true fashion brand, as it looks at not only the finished product but every aspect around it, from the design development to the design of the pattern as well as the sample manufacturing, the manufacturing of limited edition and unique pieces, which are designed in-house.

Besides making the clothing in Copenhagen, Tytti collaborates with a small sewing factory, employing 15 women, located in Estonian capital Tallinn. They manage cutting and sewing of medium size orders. Tytti work closely with them and visits the production place continuously. She also sources many of the deadstock / discarded fabrics locally from Estonia.

Brilliantly designed sweater by Mahla Clothing

In our 2 hour conversation I learned so much about what happens in regular fashion brand houses and Tytti brought up the point that every pattern that we see in regular fashion stores, isn’t just bought and used up. Companies usually buy an abundance of material which will never be used after the season and more often then not, be discarded without a second thought.

Besides discarded or recycled fabrics, big amount of Mahla Clothing clothes are made from certified organic materials with consideration for the afterlife of the garment.

All of Mahla Clothings textile prints are screen printed with environmentally friendly water-based ink.

Alba-blouse made of recycled Silk attained from cutting leftovers of textile industry.

What I loved most about my day at Mahla Clothing was that Tytti is an absolute gem within her field, knows everything there is to know about fabrics, dyes and pattern making and as I already said, she even creates her own fabric pattern in house. I asked every question I could think of and not once was she short of a brilliant answer. Her dedication to transparency within the supply chain is made apparent by the amount of detailed information she is able to give right away. You can tell she has literally thought about everything in her power to make this company as sustainable as possible which is transparently reflected in the product description about every single garment in the webshop. Thank you for that Tytti.

This is not a sponsored post! I am merely showing love to this brand because I truly support it with all my heart! The quality is fantastic, the colours don’t fade even after numerous washes and the owner of the brand is literally the sweetest and most inspiring!

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