Exploring Lisbon in 2 Days

After the eco-friendly yoga retreat in Quinta Canaval, I was so happy to spend my last 2 days in Lisbon before going home, just experiencing the city and exploring with no aim. Initially, I thought I was going to spend those 2 days in Lisbon exploring by myself, so I booked a hostel called Home Lisbon Hostel, which sounded absolutely fantastic and looked divine.

Pictures from the Home Lisbon Hostel Website

When travelling alone, I always recommend booking a hostel. People are ready to connect and join adventures, book tours and eat together.

However, since Alden, Holly and Monique were staying in Lisbon for longer, I decided to join them in booking an Airbnb and explore the city with them.

Day 1

We arrived from the retreat at around 12 and all we had on our minds was food. Holly and Monique went straight to our Airbnb but since Annie was still in town for another few hours, she, Alden and I decided to look for a delicious vegan lunch option close by.


We found this beautiful little crêpe place called Sama Sama, very close to the harbour, that sells vegan, whole wheat crepes. They were so mouthwateringly delicious that I’d book a plane ticket to Lisbon just to taste them again. And I hate flying, so that says a lot. On top of that, they give you a 10% discount on your beverage order if you bring your own cup. #mykindofplace


The rest of the first afternoon was spent exploring the streets of Lisbon, checking out shops and the old town, which is my favourite part of Lisbon.

Lisbon is the perfect city to be spontaneous in. There are so many cute little stores, cafes and places, I don’t think I could ever get bored.


Since I was lucky enough to be there during mid June, the Saint Antonio Festival was about to start, which meant open-air grills, cheap beer and Portuguese music and dancing wherever you could look after the sun set.

By complete accident, Holly, Monique and I came by one of the locals Saint Antonio celebrations on our way home. We decided to get “one beer” and before we knew it, it was 3 in the morning and …well..a few beers later.

I have got to say, the Portuguese know how to party! If you are ever in Portugal, make sure to go to a local party, away from tourist spots, I promise, you’ll end up with just as big of a smile as Holly wears in the right picture.

Day 2

I met Alden for breakfast at 12 the next day and took an Uber Green to get there, which, quite frankly, is the coolest thing. The fact that you could ask for an electronic car to pick you up wherever?! I love it! Taking Ubers in Portugal is quite affordable and super convenient. There is no Uber in Denmark so I took full advantage of this luxury while in Portugal.


We had lunch at a place called Tartine, a French bakery/restaurant with the most buttery of croissants and rich tasting tartines.

Amongst fantastic conversation during breakfast, we also planned the adventure about to happen and decided to start with the museum up on Castelo de São Jorge for some cultural education and a nice view of the city.


The walk up is stunning, surrounded by artisan shops and ice-cream places and the view beautiful. If you are, however, not interested in the museum or castles in general, there are plenty other spots where you can get a similar view for less money, like the Miradouro de Santa Luzia.


If there is one place in Lisbon I’d have to say you’ll have to visit, it would definitely be LX Factory, a market and factory compound, filled with artisan shops, bookstores, food stands and cafes and bars.

There, I also tried the traditional Portuguese pastry called “Pastel de nata” and finally understand the hype!

I bought 2 books, the only thing I bought besides food and drinks in Portugal and after a while, Alden and I decided it was time to head for the rooftop bar in the middle of the compound. We opted for 2 whisky sours which were served by a dreamy bartender with a British accent, who was kind enough to make mine a vegan one.😍

Dinner and more drinks

For dinner, we were craving pizza and since we had walked past Mad Pizza earlier, a nice looking wholewheat pizza restaurant, we took our Uber Green straight back there. The pizza was the perfect size, had a nice crunchy crust and fresh topings. Uhhhh so good!

The original plan was to have dinner at Tasca Do Chico as they have one of the most popular dinners accompanied by Fado, a Portuguese music genre that can be traced back to the 1820s.

Since the tables at this restaurant are usually booked out days before, we decided to skip drinks at Madpizza and opt for a glass of Tasca Do Chico’s house red after dinner.

Listening to Fado was probably one of my favourite memories from the trip and I highly reccomend you book a table for this experience before you arrive in Lisbon. You will not regret it.

I loved everything about my 2 days in Lisbon, the weather was perfect and I had so much energy, just wanting to see more and learn more about this warm and welcoming city. I spent my flight back to Copenhagen scrolling through the memories I had captured along the way, eager to go on my next adventure as soon as possible.

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