5 Apps That Improve My Every Day Routine

I try to be on my phone less, but some apps on my phone actually make me more productive and help improve my daily routine. Here are my top 5 apps:

Overcast – Entertainment, instead of watching videos

Ever since doing my “TV free month” I stopped watching tv at every chance I get. I do still own a Netflix account and love watching movies but now I try to do it with intention and not out of boredom.

Instead, I have gotten into the habit of listening to podcasts, while cooking, cleaning, commuting or doing my hair. To curate my podcasts and discover new favourites I use the overcast podcast app. It is simple to use, beautiful and provides me with all of the podcast features I need, as well as curates new podcasts in a digestible order.

Duolingo – practising my Danish

I moved to Denmark 2 years ago, knowing as little as “tak” and “hej hej”. I now do attend Danish classes at the uni I go to but since I don’t get to practice my Danish that much outside of class ( Danes speak English really well and prefer to have a fluid conversation – can you blame them?!) I needed a quick and easy way to incorporate more practice into my daily routine. Duolingo is incredibly easy to navigate through and is really good for practicing as an addition to my courses.

Pinterest- lifestyle must-have


Pinterest to me trumps Instagram by far, I love the inspiration I get every time I am on there, its incredible for finding new recipes, Zero Waste tips, interior design inspiration and just overall tips. I love it and that is the only reason I am including it here. Feel free to follow me or my boards on pintereste here.

Flipboard – news and articles based on interest

TBH, I am still not 100% satisfied with getting my daily news imput. I go back and forth between my kindle newspaper subscriptions and just online reading and don’t have a perfect system yet. I currently use Flipboard as I found it the most convenient, aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate app to sort through all of my news but this area could definitely be optimised. One thing that made Flipboard stand out to me was the fact that I didn’t have to sign up in order to access the app. Having to sign up within apps is one of my biggest pet peeves and will make me not want to use an app.

Cooking apps

I have 3 apps for vegan food that I frequently consult: Deliciously Ella,  Deliciously Vegan, Kindle App.

While Deliciously Ella is an app that requires a one time payment of about 4 Euros, I find it is absolutely worth the investment as it continuously provides new recipes and is a very easy app to navigate through and find what you’re looking for.

An alternative to Deliciously Ella is Delicously Vegan, an app that does offer a section with free vegan recipes along with packages that can be added on for bout 3 Euros.

My third and favourite option is the Kindle App, which allows me to save PDF documents with recipes in an organised manner, as well as downloaded vegan cookbooks. I use this app on a daily basis not just on my phone but also on my actual kindle and it has eliminated the need for me to buy physical cookbooks, saves me space and paper waste.

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