Everything I Wore in South Italy


I am obsessed with packing. Whenever I go somewhere, I make sure to read blogs on what other people brought, look at the weather for the week and make sure I pack as efficiently as I can.

I just came back from a wonderful holiday with friends in Grottaglie, Italy and naturally, I mapped out exactly what I would pack for the

Since I am still somewhat living with a capsule wardrobe, packing outfits is not hard for me and I am happy to say that I did not pack one single useless item on this trip. Here is what I brought:


  • 4 black tank tops (preloved)

Black tanks are my go-to wherever I am. I can dress them up and down and they always look presentable. Especially when I am going on holiday with friends, I am not interested in spending a large portion of my time worrying about my outfit, I kept it simple and that’s that.

  • 2 bras (preloved)
  • 7 pairs of underwear

I travel exclusively with black underwear, it always looks nice and classy and saved me the hassle of mixing and matching)

  • 1 Bikini (preloved)


Incredibly comfortable, especially in the evening and truly fit for any occasion.

  • 1 jean skirt ( preloved – find similar (but darker) here)
  • Black jeans (wore them once when it rained)
  • Orange Silk shirt ( I could have done without this one, I wore it but just to prove a point)
  • Orange Vintage Diesel Jacket
  • Red floral dress (super old, bought when 13, I know, I never grew after that)
  • Black and white maxi dress ( preloved)

Workout wear

I brought a sports bra and my beloved Asquith London Leggings. There was no need for shirts in this heat!


  • Flip flops: I brought normal black ones but my friend Sanne wore really cool plateau flops, the kind you could see in the old Mary Kate and Ashley movies, which I would probably opt for if I had them.  Bringing flip flops serve multiple purposes at once:
    • They are great for any shower situation. I don’t like showering barefoot when I am not at home so this is definitely a must-have item for me to bring wherever I am.
    • Easy to slip on and easy to store in your suitcase
    • Incredibly versatile
  • Baabuk Trainers: Don’t even bother trying to do sightseeing in heels, you’ll look ridiculous, feet will hurt and you’ll have less fun and less opportunities for spontaneus detours. I have written about the Baabuk Trainers before, they are my absolute favourite sneaker ever, super comfortable, versatile and heat regulating. I bring them everywhere.

Heels Optional: I didn’t bring heels because I knew that we were mainly going to be at the house, but if you are planning to go on a few nice dinners or a wine tasting, by all means, go all out. I wish I had brought my heels for one evening we had the most incredible wine tasting/dinner experience which I will tell you about soon.



I packed light and only brought my vintage leather clutch bag and a tote bag. Less was definitely more on this trip and I loved having one less thing to worry about when packing.

If you are interested in my full packing list for Italy, let me know in the comments or on Instagram, I love writing these kinds of posts.

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