An Eco friendly Yoga Retreat – Part 3

All photos by Monique Pantel

This Nourish in Nature Yoga retreat came at a time I couldn’t have planned out to be more perfect.

I was inbetween an exam, tired of everything and didn’t know what to do with myself during what I thought was a phase of “uninspiredness”.The name of the retreat is so incredibly fitting because Nourish in Nature is exactly what I did and exactly what I needed. Not having to think about things like grocery shopping, uni, work or any other responsibilities I had at home, enabled me to dig deeper into underlying issues, pulling them to the forefront and tackling them head-on. I am in no way at the end of my journey but I felt like the retreat has provided me with tools I will be able to use and hone as I continue my journey of self-love and self-care.

 Francesca and Holly

The yoga retreat ended at the perfect time. I made new friends, connected with incredibly powerful, kind and smart women and am an experience of a lifetime richer.

Holly, me, Francesca, Alden and Annie in sustainable yoga wear provided by Asquith London.

I went on a Yoga retreat in the hopes of finding something I didn’t yet know what it was. I have written about my take on female friendships before and being on this trip has shown me, again, that women bring out a side in me I have not seen and known for the majority of my life.  

Alden and Holly

It’s unfamiliar at times, sometimes even uncomfortably deep but most of the time, I am experiencing connection and compassion in such a beautiful new way that I feel rejuvinated, inspired and supported enough to be a truer, more authentic version of myself.

Annie and me in Asquith London yoga wear

I left the retreat with a full heart, a smile on my face and plans and ambitions ahead and I am so thankful to Sara, Fiona, Gill, Gabi and Mabel for making this retreat a truly transformative experience.

And not to forget, I am thankful to myself for taking the plunge, getting on a plane despite my fear of flying and trusting that the retreat and connections I make will be everything and more.

Annie and me in Asquith London yoga wear

I can only reccomend taking the trip to participate in one of the Nourish in Nature and there are two more retreats this year, with still free spots still available:

  • September 16-22
  • September 23-29

*For this post, I partnered up with Nourish in Nature to write about my experience at the yoga retreat in exchange for a discounted stay. Our ethical and sustainable yoga gear in this post was provided by the ethical and eco-friendly online retailer Asquith. All opinions in this post are my own, read more about my disclosure policy here.

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