1 Month Without a TV

I decided that this year was a year off challenges I’d set myself. What will it be this month? TV free March.  During the week, I often find myself coming home and turning on the tv first thing just to be entertained while cooking. I often get annoyed at the end of the day when thinking about how much time I spent watching something of no value, which is why I decided to do something about it this month.

For the no TV Challenge I restrict myself from watching TV, any kind of YouTube videos (except for school), Netflix, HBO and any other movie watching option except for movie theaters with friends.

How I prepared

Free 1-month newspaper trials

Since one of my motivations to do set myself this challenge is to consume more high-quality content, which is why, this month, I am making a conscious effort to read something every day.

Since I didn’t quite know what to choose and what I would like, I decided to try out a few free kindle newspaper subscriptions trials in order to find a newspaper I liked and could stick to once the challenge is over.

Deleting apps from my phone

I used to safe lots of Netflix episodes on my phone to watch during bus rides. Now I am bringing a book instead and loving the extra time to read on my commute.

Stocking up on library books

Luckily, we have a fantastic library in Aarhus that provides me with pretty much everything I need.

Last week, I spent one day on the weekend just browsing and picking and ended up with waaaaay too many books I could read for the month. Borrowing books at the library is free, zero waste and offers a wholesome activity for a rainy afternoon.

Downloading podcasts

I. LOVE. PODCASTS!!!! I listen to them while I cook, clean or do my hair and I love that there are conversations about virtually anything that I can listen to.

I particularly like the The Mustards , Girlbossradio and Hashtag Authentic.

Embrace music

Finding new music on Spotify has become one of my new favourite activities. Listening to music without distraction makes the world slow down around me and I enjoy dancing and singing along and learning new songs by heart.


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