My Love for Baabuk Shoes

I have been looking for the perfect sneaker for years ( and when I say years, I mean it).

But how can you find a pair of sneakers that is ethically and sustainably made and uses eco-friendly materials that won’t harm our planet but – at the same time- don’t compromise on style. Sounded quite impossible, until I was approached by Baabuk, a fantastic shoe company who asked me if I wanted to try out one of their pr sample sneakers.


Baabuk is a Swiss company that focuses on producing sustainable shoes made of 100% natural wool. Yes, you read that right, WOOL!

The reason why I was so excited to try out their sneakers is that wool is one of the most durable materials, as well as temperature regulating, which means these shoes can be rocked during winter and summer and either offer a cooling or warming effect. Perfect for any capsule wardrobe.

The Shoes are made in Portugal an everything on this shoes is produced within the radius of 500 km around the Porto region in Portugal

On top of that, wool has natural antibacterial proppterties, which allows you to wear your shoes without socks all year around, hello high ankle jeans!

Wool fibres are naturally covered with a special waxy coating, which makes Baabuk shoes naturally water repellent, necessary for living in Denmark I have to say.

Wool is also naturally biodegradable and can easily be composted #winwin.

When it comes to fit, let me tell you, comfortable doesn’t even give these shoe justice.

Imagine floating on cloud 9 shoes heaven…..then you’ll get closer.

These shoes are the definition of bomb diggity and I will never take them off! NEVER!!!!



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