My Week of Meals – Food Inspo for Health Nuts

“But what do you eat then?” might just be one of the most asked questions I get asked when talking about how I try to eat a plant based diet.

Quite frankly, eating a plant-based diet isn’t always the easiest option. Finding recipes that are delicious, nutritious, affordable, quick and easy to make seems like an impossible task to accomplish every day. Nevertheless, it is possible and today I’ll show you how I and other fellow eco-bloggers from the Ethical Writers & Creatives do it.

Here is my week of meals:


To me, a hot beverage in the morning is an absolute must.  My current favourite is raw lemon zest with hot water, which really gets my digestive system going and I love the fresh taste. I also have a collection of bulk loose leaf teas, that I like to indulge in and occasionally, I’ll have a nice cup of grain coffee with homemade nut milk.


I am not a breakfast person, I don’t get particularly hungry in the morning but I noticed that if I skip breakfast, I won’t be able to concentrate as well at uni later on. I usually opt for a fruit plate, a smoothie bowl or, if it’s really cold outside, some quick and delicious oatmeal.


Since I am spending most of my lunch hours either at uni or at the office, I bring lunch with me every day in a mason jar.  I try to keep it fresh and nutritious, in order to avoid mid-day food comas, with a variety of salads, nuts and crackers. Another thing I love to bring is leftovers from previous dinners as they require less prep work in the morning.


I don’t last through the day without an afternoon snack. I recently discovered how to easily make homemade granola, which is now my current go-to snack. Other options include green juices in various forms, an “apple and nut butter combo” or some other piece of fruit like blueberries or grapes. If I made bread that week, I will usually also have a piece of bread at some point during my day. I am German after all.


When making dinner, I always make 2 different dishes in big portions in order to have lunch options or quick frozen dinners for the following days. My go-to’s include pumpkin soup ( or any kind of soup for that matter), pasta, brown rice sushi, or oven veggies drizzled with olive oil and a bit of garlic.

I mostly use recipes that don’t take over one hour in total and I get inspired by blogs like Deliciously EllaMehr als Grünzeug and 15-minute recipes on Pinterest.

Sunday Breakfast

Sundays are reserved for me and my fiancee and we like to spoil ourselves with homemade rolls, fruit plates, pancakes or baked oatmeal. Since we like to have guest over as much as possible, I try to be less strict with my diet during the weekends- it’s not perfect but it’s a process.

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  1. March 5, 2018 / 7:53 pm

    It seems as though most people, myself included, overthink healthy eating. This blog post is very inspirational especially the breakfast items which are super simple yet filling.

    • May 2, 2018 / 11:34 am

      Completely agree! I also find it very hard to incorporate healthy filling diet when I am not home during most of my day. But it’s a process and I am fine with not doing it perfectly!

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