Vintage at its finest – VINOKILO

Let me tell you about an event that will make your wildest second-hand fashion dreams come true.

I was recently invited to this vintage fashion event in Aarhus, that takes place in different cities around Europe but a current main focus on Germany, where the company VinoKilo was founded.

Imagine rows of organized high-end vintage fashion in a spacious vivid location where you pay your items per kilo price.

To make the fantasy complete, VINOKILO added a food truck to the location, as well as selling a range of wine on a side stand, hence the name VINOKILO.

The DJ, who played throughout the entire event, was the cherry on top and made this event an experience that goes beyond retail therapy.

VinoKilo is a perfect example of sustainable ideas reaching their full potential and it is taking the vintage fashion world by storm. VinoKilo events take place around different cities, the lates of which you can find on their website, where you can also check out some of the vintage clothing they offer in their online shop.


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  1. March 5, 2018 / 5:33 pm

    Looks like tons of fun! We plan to host a few pop-ups this year starting this summer.

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