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Before transitioning to a more sustainable lifestyle, one of my favorite things to have in my home were scented candles. There is not enough room in this post to tell you about all the things wrong with scented candles (maybe another post? ) but when I searched for alternatives I came across a wonderful thing called Oil Diffuser.

An oil diffuser is essentially a device that disperses essential oil so that their aroma fills a room or an area with natural fragrance. Most oil diffusers are water based, which means you dillute the essential oil in water, which makes for a longer time of being able to keep the divice running but also provides a less intense fragrance.

When looking for the perfect oil diffuser, I was adamant to search for a plastic free one, for obvious environmental reasons but also for aesthetic reasons, which is how I found Organic Aromas. Organic Aromas is a company dedicated to provide high quality oil diffusers for maximum effects. When I approached them, they were happy to send me a pr sample, to try out and – in all honesty- I have been absolutely obsessed with the device.

When I say obsessed, I mean “turning it on at least once, sometimes even twice a day – obsessed”. For the most part, I have been using this kind of aroma therapy  as part of my anxiety relive but it is also a lovely device to set the mood for datenight or a cozy evening with friends.

When it comes to packaging, the diffuser does come in plastic packaging and there is a plastic appliactor included to clean the device, which is a little bit counter productive but needs to be evaluated by each individual.

My favorite oils to use with the diffuser are lime oil, lavender oil in equal parts but I also love looking up new combinations on Pinterest for different benefits.

Whether you believe in the benefits of essential oils or just like a fragrant and cozy room, I can highly recommend the Organic Aromas Diffusers as a fantastic plastic free alternative.

If you’d like to hear more about the kinds of blends I use and a more in depth post about the benefits of oil diffusers, let me know in the comments below.

*This post includes a pr sample which I was sent by the company organic aromas. All the opinions in this post are my own and I would never tell you about a product I don’t believe in. Read more about my disclosure policy.



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