Einhorn Condoms – Let’s get it on

With Valentine’s Day approaching faster than we can say it out loud, it is important we talked about …well …the proper attire for the occasion!

So let me introduce you to Condom Company Einhorn, a Berlin-based company on a mission to contribute to our collective sexual health by providing sustainably sourced and ethically produced condoms in brilliantly witty packaging.

Since condoms are the only effective contraception method that will also protecting our bodies from HIV and other STDs, they should be part of our regular purchasing habits anyway and from an eco-friendly standpoint, avoiding unwanted pregnancies and STD’s is about the most sustainable thing we can do.

Another thing I like about Einhorn is that their marketing approach targets women as much as it targets men, opening conversation on a level playing field with an invitation to EVERYONE to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.

Check out Einhorn’s Online shop and follow them on Instagram for more sex positivity.

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Happy Valentine’s Day


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