Sustainable Christmas Habits

Happy December lovelies!

Christmas time has finally begun and with it the season of delicious hot cocoa with whipped (coconut) cream and cinnamon, gingerbread and lovely Christmas tunes.

While I love preparing for this cosy season, I don’t want to compromise on my zero waste values, which is why I try to keep my habits as sustainable as possible.  Here are 5 things I do to get into the Christmas spirit.


Music is definitely the first step when trying to get into the holiday spirit.

In preparation for the festive time coming up, I have been listening to this fabulous Spotify Christmas Playlist – it is the definition of a perfect Christmas Playlist.

Make a Pinterest wishlist.

A wonderful way to inspire your friends and family to give you sustainable gifts this year is to tell them what you want. When I started reducing my waste I suggested to my family that we all start a Pinterest wish list board.  This way I won’t be stressed about finding the perfect gift for them and vice versa. Writing a pinterest wish list not only saves everyone tons of time but is also a great tool to include non-material gifts and adventures. My wish list for example will definitely include a long walk and a delicious lunch thereafter ;-).

In my family, we like to gift and receive one gift a year. For that, we each write a wishlist within a certain budget that we have all agreed upon in beforehand. This year the kids are included, so our budget is at around 30 Euros. We draw a name and are then responsible for this person’s gift. Since everyone has already put budget-friendly things on their wishlist, it is very easy and stress-free to get Christmas gifts and since my sisters are still very young, they get to learn about the joys of giving as well as cherishing what they receive.

Light natural candles

Instead of fairy lights, I like to go for the good old candles. During Winter time, I usually light one candle in my oil burner in the bathroom (usually with a few drops of vanilla essential oil) and in my common area.

When buying candles for your home, it is important to make sure they are 100% natural! I am currently writing a post about the dangers of using unnatural candles and let me tell you, some of the things I have learned really scared me. But if you stick with beeswax candles or soy candles if you’re vegan, you are on the safe side. Just remember to put them out when you leave a room!

Bake Cookies and Gingerbread

Hahaha, I am one to talk. You might not know this but I might just be one of the most disastrous bakers you’ve ever met. I don’t do well with following baking recipes other than my own or my moms ( don’t ask me why I can’t for the life of me figure it out) and my creations usually end up falling apart in one way or the other. I do have a few go-to cookie recipes I was taught by my grandmother that I might share on this blog a little later on but for now, here are my favourite vegan Christmas recipes for Gingerbreadmen, Coconut ice and mulled wine.

Slow down

Yes, Christmas time is filled with many wonderful occasions, Christmas parties, Dinner with friends and gifts over gifts. This year, I am trying to make a conscious effort to end this year with as much calmness and gratitude as I can summon. Sometimes that makes it necessary to take a step back, take a few breaths and allow myself a weekend in with a good book, a glass of hot delicious cocoa and some warm boyfriend cuddles …I mean, that doesn’t sound too bad does it.

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